Advertising on Cameroon Radio and Television Network during the 2015 African Nations Cup

Information and Prices

The 30th edition of the African Nations Cup organized by the confederation of African Football will be held from January 17th to 8th of February 2015 in Equatorial Guinea.

This is a moment were large and Small Corporations rush to advertise their products and services on the Television. Football is the most popular sports in Africa and it attracts over 700 millions of viewers across Africa, covering almost all demographics and age group.

   These are the teams that will participate in the 2015 African Cup of Nations


It is advisable for corporations to run their ads in any of these countries during the first leg of play and during occasional periods throughout the competition. For example, if Ghana does not qualify for the second round of play, there is a certainty that the number of viewers in Ghana will greatly decrease.

The Cameroon national team, The Indomitable Lions, one of the best teams in Africa did qualify for the AFCON 2015 and millions of viewers will be glued to their screens to support them. The Cameroon radio and Television (CRTV) is a state owned TV station and it is the only station in Cameroon that has a national coverage and the broadcasting right of AFCON 2015.This is one of the stations that we are sure will show almost all the matches live and over 7 million viewers in Cameroon prefer this station as a reliable source for the AFCON 2015. This massive viewership of the CRTV is partly due to the fact that, it is a free channel, unlike other cable networks where viewers have to subscribe before they can watch matches and important events.

The CRTV has sent out promotional packages for advertisers and media houses willing to take advantage of this opportunity. Looking at the prices, I can assure it is far cheaper than other TV stations with a national coverage in other Countries thus you can expect a great a return on your investment.

Highlight of the prices

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Other possible combinations

  • 3 spots per match, first three matches, total of 9 spots: ?
  • 2 spots per match, first three matches, total 6 spots:?
  • 1 spot per match, first three matches, total 3 spots:?


Take advantage of any of these packages now.

Factors that influence the viewership and price includes: the type of match, teams involved and stage of competition.

For the best possible combination, and better planning to achieve a great ROI, send an email to

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For competitive reasons and CRTV regulations we cannot publish the prices, kindly request prices by sending a mail to:






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