Two Emerging Business opportunities in Cameroon/Africa

Due to importation ban


Laws and ways of doing things keep changing everywhere in the world thereby creating a series of new business opportunities. Only fast thinking and well organized entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from these subtle changes in a sustainable way.

In Cameroon, there is no doubt that many people have heard of the change in law concerning the ban of importation and use of non-biodegradable plastic and the ban of importation of analogue broadcasting equipment, television and radio sets.

Packaging Industry: biodegradable plastic

In an effort to protect the environment, the Cameroon government on April 10, 2014 passed a new law banning the production, importation, distribution and sale of non biodegradable packaging in Cameroon. Though this law is not being fully enforced yet for several reasons it is however quickly gaining the attention of many entrepreneurs, pushing them to find cost effective alternative solutions of biodegradable packaging.

Millions of non-biodegradable packaging is still being used daily by shops, pharmacies, roadside traders, in open markets and super markets. Like in any case when a new law is passed, there is always a transition period which might last for couple of years or more depending on the urgency. This transition period is mainly to give time to the manufacturers and importers of non-biodegradable plastic to clear their stock and adapt to the new law.

The Opportunity: Millions of plastic bags are used every day in Cameroun, passionate and sharp minded entrepreneurs and companies who can devise quick and cost effective alternatives for different vendors, set-up and excellent marketing strategy and distributor network will be able to gain substantial market share in no time.

Media Industry: From analog to digital technology-digital switch over

The Cameroon government in 2013 banned the importation of analogue broadcasting equipment in favor of digital equipment for broadcasting. To ensure a total technological switch-over, importation of analog television and radio sets were also banned by the Cameroon government.

In an effort to keep up with the global deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union GE06 plan signed in Geneva in June 2006, by June 2015 all analogue signals must have been replaced in Cameroon.

Arguments for the forceful transition

Mr Pham Nhu Hai of the radiocommuniction bureau of ITU stated that digital television broadcasting provides an opportunity for

  • Expanded services
  • Higher quality video and audio
  • Greater variety and faster rates of data transmission
  • Consistency of data flows over long distances
  • More spectrum efficiency means more channels


The Opportunity: This digital switchover does not only concerns Cameroon it concerns 116 countries in Africa and Europe.In Africa it creates urgent need for:

  • Updated digital broadcasting stations
  • Increase demand for Digital broadcasting equipments and digital TVs
  • Analog to digital converters for those who cannot afford a digital TV.

These changes will have a great impact in the packaging and media industry in Cameroon and it presents new investment opportunities due to the fact that these products and services are needed on a daily basis by millions of Cameroonians and companies.


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