Growing energy drink market in Cameroon and parts of Africa

Energy drinks have become increasing popular in Cameroon in the last decade and this trend has showed no signs of slowing down in the coming years. Globalization, urbanization, increase in discretionary incomes and rise in the middle class have all boosted the purchase and consumption of energy drinks in recent years in Cameroon and most parts of Africa.

Market leaders

In the past, the energy drink market was dominated by international brands like Red bull and Zone which was not very easy to find and cost a small fortune for a drink. Many companies quickly realized the increasing demand of energy drinks and were quick to offer more affordable portions to the greater part of the population.Such as Reaktor energy drink and XXL.

A can of red bull is sold at 1000 FRS ($2) for a .33ml.

Reaktor energy drink that sells for 250FCFA ($0.50) per .25ml bottle.

XXL that sells for 250FCFA ($0.50) per .25ml bottle.

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Many energy drink consumers we interviewed at various sales points bought red bull either because of prestige, quality or “foreignness” while other local brands are mainly consumed because they’re low cost, great taste or availability.

Though the market seems saturated, it is till at a very nascent stage with room for several different brands to enter the market with different flavors, bottle designs and promotion strategies.

Who consumes energy drinks? The Trend in Cameroon

Energy drinks are considered a boost to keep up energy, and people working 9-5 jobs are the most likely to consume, mainly young professionals. They buy in packs and may consume up to one pack per day. Also people doing physically strenuous jobs has found energy drinks valuable.  They believe it helps them keep their energy up. Others just like how the drinks taste and do not really care about the “energy boasting”  qualities the drinks offer.

Men consume twice as much as the women. For most women a bottle per day, two bottle at most but men consume up to a pack. This is mostly common amongst the younger generation. Older people are more health conscious and are concerned about the caffeine and sugar level used in making energy drinks. As a result it is not so popular with the older generation.

The trend of energy drinks in Cameroon is also estimated to surge further as more people become industrious and need an extra energy boost.


Locally each company selling energy drinks has a distribution van that moves from client to client and supplies their products. Products are supplied to clients at a cheaper rate. They are sold in packs of 6 bottles per pack. The international brands have licensed distributors who also supply their products from shop to shop. There are both wholesale clients and retail clients. Sometimes the wholesale clients have depots where the retail clients get at the same price they get from their suppliers.

The biggest distributors in Cameroon are Brewery companies such as, Source Du Pays and Brasseries Du Cameroon, they are the distributors of  Reaktor and XXL energy drink respectively, through piggyback distribution.


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