A54 Marketing Group specializes in business promotion and marketing of products and services of companies that have a large base but yet untargeted customers in Africa.We use several simple but effective traditional and modern marketing techniques that passes a clear message to a well identified group of potential clients. We are local experts with and international mindset.

Street marketing, sales people,
leaflet design, print and distributions,
billboard,local vehicle branding and other OOH channels.

cold calling, direct mail and door to door service

National and regional Radio,TV and newspaaper ads

Charities and sponsorship opportunities.let your clients and potential clients know you care,send out the right message.Trade show participation,Direct contact with local suppliers, distributors and government agencies.Meet your clients face to face and Network.

Targeted online ads & e-commerce business development solutions.

Our magazine is distributed free of any charge to your potential clients.Click title for more information

Product testing,price analysis, focus group,survey and questionnaire completion,field research,&desk research, mystery shopping,CLT & CAPI.

Sales points,pick-up points, joint-venture, partnerships and local agency

Through our rigid methodology, we provide you with a list of reliable agents, distributors and distribution channels.