Quality Lead generation in Africa

You might be one of those companies that have several thousand or million of clients in Africa but you’re wondering how to effectively target these clients without spending a fortune.

It does not matter today how far way you business is from your clients or what type of products or services you offer, you can effectively promote your product and services to well targeted clients in Africa through lead generation agencies.

You only pay for potential clients that have the necessary resources and intention to purchase your product or service at some point in time.

You can save these leads as part of your database, in your CRM system or subscription list. By marketing to them frequently through newsletter you will eventually increase their life time value thereby upsetting any initial investment you use to acquire them.

This is a very effective way to test the demand of your product in a particular region or country before making a full engagement such as searching for local partners. Some companies claim that for every 10 lead they received, 7 eventually became a client.


The spillover effect of a converted lead: A lead that becomes a client (a satisfied client) will eventually through word of mouth promote you company thereby increasing their life time value.

Quality, Quantity and Cost: you should obviously know where to draw the line. Quality leads usually have higher cost because of the high conversion rate. The price per lead depends mainly on your industry and type of products you want to promote.

The most common lead generation methods in Africa

  • Telemarketing/cold calling
  • Trade shows and events
  • Print, radio and TV advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Door to door
  • Social media
  • Forums and Groups
  • Partner network and third part databases

A combination of some of these methods increases the quality of the lead.


We can do all the marketing for you and send you the most qualified leads. Start selling/exporting more to Africa now. For more information on how to generate quality leads in Africa and other marketing and business promotion services: Info@a54marketinggroup.com.



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