Field marketing & OOH

Field Marketing

  • Professional sales people,Very efficient in promotion your products and services to your target market: technical, tactical and strategic sales force, comfortable and knowledgeable about  B2B, B2C and C2C and internet based businesses.
  • Door to door  to promote your products and services
  • In-store animators, merchandisers, hostesses,brand ambassadors, promo boys/girls
  • Print, Design and Distribution of your catalogue, flyers, stickers, leaflet, business cards and other marketing materials.
  • Road posters placement
  • Street marketing


We identify  particular venues and public places frequented by your potential customers, such as airports, trade fairs, football stadiums, music concerts, hotels, bars, university campuses, nightclubs, churches etc.

Depending on your product or services we can use one or a combination of the below listed channels of communication:

  • Billboards
  • Transit media
  • Local vehicle branding (Truck, taxi’s and buses)
  • Wall scape
  • Street banners


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