Why Us

We are not a regular copycat marketing firm repeating what can be done by anyone. We pride ourselves in our business intelligence and analytical capability that permits us to extract data in areas where it is not readily available, convert this data into information accessible by clients to make informed decision about their target market. This method gives us not only the possibility to know who your clients are and how to sell to them but also to plan for the long term.

We are knowledgeable local experts with and international mindset creating brand awareness in different cultural environments and generating valuable leads that have a great potential of being converted into repeated sales over a long period of time.

You still want to know why Us?

  • Our growing partnership network gives us access to several different markets around the world and a mailing list of over 50,000 African middle class consumers  and over 10,000 importers.
  • You always advertise 10% cheaper with us on Cameroon radio and television network, newspapers and outdoor media thanks to our good negotiators and buying power.
  • We understand the African consumer, the culture, the limit to their purchasing power and how to sell to them.
  • Due to our excellent segmentation capabilities We can target potential clients in Africa  by different categories:  age group, employment status, revenue (PP), country of residence, level of education, Sex , hobbies etc.
  • We don’t get excited with big numbers, we strive to find the hidden paradigm in all the data we have access to. 1million subscribers  that seems to be potential clients can easily  become  just 5000 leads. Is that what you bargained?
  • No matter how  small a project might be we are always ready and excited to work on it. We rely more on long-term relationships with our clients and small projects at the beginning help us clear any doubts you might have.
  • We will gladly answer all your marketing questions about  Cameroon and Africa in general, with well researched facts in a one page report for free.
  • Our market research reports are not generic that’s why they always come with a clear marketing strategy, easy to understand and implement.
  • We can translate your PR and marketing materials to French to reach a wider audience in Africa

You will like to know more?  Ask us!